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Our mission is to develop partnerships, new initiatives and collaboration among activists, government bodies, volunteers and donors.

The Civil Society Home is an ecosystem that includes tools to support the civil sector in the form of grants for organizational development, sourcing service providers, training, and an archive of all research and analytical materials on Ukrainian civil society, as well as content for sharing experiences and inspiration.

Also, it is a physical event space in the center of Kyiv called "Civil Society Home" under ISAR Ednannia’s umbrella.

The main goal of the "Home" is to strengthen the capacities of CSOs through networking, pooling efforts, exchanging experiences and interacting both among themselves and with other sectors.

Inside of "Civil Society Home" you can organize various events such as training sessions, educational conferences, seminars, mini-forums, international congresses, community practitioner meetings, interviews, or webinars in a professional studio, and more.

The place of the "Civil Society Home" at ISAR Ednannia office provides a cozy space for hosting events that bring together representatives of civil society under one roof. These representatives network, interact, develop beneficial partnerships, advocate, influence, communicate, address important societal issues, and seek ways to resolve them.

We aim to:
1) Enhance cross-sectoral cooperation (CSOs, businesses, government institutions, and local authorities) and support initiatives aimed at enhancing cross-sectoral collaboration to achieve the sustainability of civil society;

2) Enhance civic initiatives, particularly those which have been directed on work with youth (training, lectures, webinars, etc.), and initiatives capable of scaling their projects and transferring knowledge to other NGOs;

3) Coordinate and provide mentorship support to other civic hubs (spaces) in Ukraine to enhance their organizational development.

The main approach for using the place of the "Civil Society Home" is to hold events for CSOs representing at least by two organizations, and/or with the involved participants from other sectors (local government, business, government institutions).

Registration form for booking the "Civil Society Home".

Attention. Please plan your event only after receiving confirmation from the administration of the "Civil Society Home". The administration of the event space reserves the right to refuse the use of the space if the purpose of the event does not align with the mission and objectives of the "Home".

IMPORTANT! Before booking the "Home", please familiarize yourself with the rules and conditions of using the "Civil Society Home" at this link. 

Service hours: every Thursday, 10:00-18:00
We are located at: Ukraine, Kyiv, Esplanadna Street, 17 (below is a video instruction on how to find us).

Communication Specialist's Reminder.
When you have announcing or covering an event at the "Civil Society Home," we ask you to include the following disclaimer:

  • The event (the name of your event/activity) took place at the "Civil Society Home," administered by ISAR Ednannia under the "Civil Society Sectoral Support Activity" project (USAID).

  • In social media posts, please tag ISAR Ednannia (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp) and "Civil Society Home" (Facebook, Instagram), and use the following hashtags:



The logos of the "Civil Society Home" are available at the following link.