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We invite you to check out the key points, materials and videos from the Summit on the website of our NGO Studio:


Civil society in Ukraine is a unique phenomenon as it was active when many were powerless. Activists, volunteers, and employees of public organizations and charitable foundations were never idle.

Since the outbreak of the full-scale war, CSOs have once again demonstrated that they are real titans who can help the Armed Forces of Ukraine, provide a reliable shoulder to the state and unite millions of people in their native country and around the world to speed up the most important day for all of us. It is a victory over Russia.

Civil society organizations did almost impossible by providing the army with everything that was required, solving difficult logistical challenges, risking their own lives to evacuate people from the hottest spots, and delivering humanitarian aid to those who were during these months of full-scale war.

The synergy is our huge advantage over the enemy as individually, we are one drop while together, we are an ocean.

That is a reason why ISAR Ednannia in partnership with the Lviv Regional State Military Administration brought together representatives of various sectors including public, state, local authorities, and international organizations in order to consolidate their efforts.

The Summit of Volunteer and Humanitarian Initiatives, which was held from June 30 - July 1, 2022, in the Lviv Region, built a reliable and important bridge of partnership. 



The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, also emphasized the importance of cooperation and interaction between CSOs and the authorities, having congratulated the organizers and participants of this event.

"The work of the national and volunteer fronts in Ukraine will be strengthened only in close cooperation and exchange of successful experience among civil society’s institutions and between the public and authorities," - a fragment from the President's greeting".  

We have gathered all key points, opinions, and proposals that sounded during the Summit here.


Summit of volunteer and humanitarian initiatives in numbers:

  • 180 participants: representatives of civil society organizations, local authorities, donor organizations
  • 90 speakers
  • 12 activities (panel discussions, round tables, presentations)

Key topics discussed at the Summit:

Collaboration of volunteer and humanitarian initiatives with public authorities 

International Ukrainian Agenda: Volunteers as agents of influence  

Volunteer management: motivation management through professional development

Humanitarian assistance to/from the border: logistics, customs, warehouses   

Humanitarian assistance’s accounting and reporting


We devoted separate sessions of the Summit to the exchange of experiences between the participants, which is an important element of any activity. Presentations of "success stories" aroused interest in the audience as this is a great opportunity to establish live contacts and borrow successful practices from colleagues for your team.

An important part of the event was educational blocks (cases and mini-trainings), where you could get practical experience and find interesting solutions for your organization or initiative.



Today, the support of the international community is extremely valuable to Ukraine as it helps us to be strong on various fronts, defending our values ​​and freedom, our right to a free and happy life. Therefore, donor communities and international technical assistance projects were presented at the Summit of Volunteer and Humanitarian Initiatives. In turn, they presented their priorities for cooperation with public and charitable organizations.

We thank the international community that we are not alone in this war!

Thanks to everyone who helps and supports us! Thanks to everyone who listens and hears us! Thanks to everyone who spreads the word and talks about us! Thanks to everyone who is not indifferent to us in this war! We are together!

The Summit was organized in partnership with the Lviv Regional State Military Administration with the financial support of the USAID Ukraine Civil Society Sectoral Support Activity, the US Embassy to Ukraine, and the EU-funded Emergency Support 4 Civil Society Project.