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We invite you to join us for a discussion with former Ambassador to Ukraine John E. Herbst for our event, "Civil Society and Ukrainian Resilience".

The event will be held on Friday, September 22nd, 17-18.00  (Kyiv time).  Our partner PONARS Eurasia is hosting the event in-person in Washington, D.C. on the campus of George Washington University, simultaneously Civil Society Home hosts it in-person in Kyiv, and offering a Zoom webinar option.

To participate online and get more meeting details please Register here (Ukrainian translation will be available for online attendees via Zoom)

Our discussion with Ambassador Herbst is co-sponsored by PONARS Eurasia and ISAR Ednannia in frames of USAID Ukraine Civil Society Sectoral Support Activity.

This event is the launch of a weekly 7-part Speaker Series on “Resilience, Rebuilding, and Civil Society Organizations in Ukraine” about the important role of Ukrainian civil society organizations in the resilience and rebuilding of Ukraine during and after the war.

Together with our partners in Washington we seek to elevate Ukrainian voices and experiences from people on the ground doing vital work to help Ukraine rebuild and thrive.

Future events will be held each Friday from 17-18.00 (Kyiv time) on Zoom, please follow us to be updated 

Additional Information on the discussion with Ambassador Herbst

At the beginning:  10-15 minutes of opening remarks discussing Ambassador Herbst connection with Ukraine and his work in the region.

Follow-up questions:

●       What are the major challenges for resilience and rebuilding in Ukraine today?

●       What is the role of civil society organizations?

●       How can Western governments best support Ukrainian civil society organizations?

●       How can private individuals best support Ukrainian civil society organizations?

●       What is the future of Ukrainian civil society organizations?

This would be followed by a Q&A and discussion period with our attendees from the academic and policy communities in Washington D.C., Kyiv, and other locations.

About the Project: Speaker Series on “Resilience, Rebuilding, and Civil Society Organizations in Ukraine”

ISAR Ednannia in partnership with PONARS Eurasia is organizing a seven-part, hybrid panel series to explore the emergence and development of Ukrainian civil society organizations (CSOs) and their role in the recovery and reconstruction of Ukraine. Ukrainian CSOs have been instrumental in addressing the needs of smaller cities and regional towns and villages. In many cases, community organizations have even assumed a quasi-governmental role to implement projects or deliver services typically meant to be provided by regional governments.

We seek to address this urgently important but overlooked issue: how civil society and aid can and will be best used to rebuild and promote resilience and rebuilding during and after Russia’s war against Ukraine.

Each of the 7 events will feature several individuals working with and in Ukrainian CSOs, or who are knowledgeable about this work. For these future, Zoom only events we will discuss the role, challenges, future prospects, and best ways to support CSOs. Each panel participant will be asked to offer comments for 10-15 minutes before inviting questions and discussion.