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Since 2019, ISAR Ednannia is a strategic partner of the European Union and implements the project EU4Civil Society Sustainability in Ukraine with its support, within the European Union program Strategic Partnerships for Capacity Development of Civil Society Organisations in the Eastern Partnership.

For the purposes of implementing this Union policy, the Commission has selected partners engaged in the area of activity concerned, which it shares common general objectives and wishes to establish a relationship of lasting cooperation.

The general objectives which it shares with Ednannia: Initiative Centre to support social action in the abovementioned area of activity and which justify the establishment of a partnership are the following:

  • Strengthen the role of civil society organizations (CSOs) as governance actors in Ukraine;
  • Enhance cooperation and coordination of CSO capacity building actions and initiatives in Ukraine;
  • Increase the impact of capacity development initiatives actions across Ukraine.

Our goal in this project is to strengthen the resilience of civic and charitable organizations to

challenges and emergencies, to help overcome possible negative impacts and to ensure the continuous

implementation of their missions.              

What is happening in the framework of the project EU4Civil Society Sustainability in Ukraine?

●    Grant competition “General Support”. In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the competition aims to support organizations that have become hostages of the crisis and felt its impact, but have a vision of how to maintain their position in an unpredictable context, keep focus, gain additional capacity and increase influence in the sphere of their activities. Selected projects will be funded in 2021.

●    Two ongoing grant competitions - “Emergency grants” and “Matching grants”. In a pandemic, organizations with experience of mobilizing local resources have demonstrated greater resilience and flexibility, they have been able to respond more quickly to the needs of their target groups and adapt their work to the requirements of the environment. Therefore, within the framework of these competitions, we co-finance the funds raised through CSO fundraising campaigns. This promotes the development of local philanthropy and diversification of resource sources.

Activity of NGO.Studio, which is a media platform for discussing topics relevant to civil society, exchange of ideas, experiences, and knowledge. There are lectures, seminars, webinars by organizational development service providers, interviews with leaders of civic organizations gathered here. The work of the studio helps us to demonstrate the achievements of various teams of organizations and civic activists, their progress despite obstacles, examples of their mobilization and resilience in the face of the limitations of the COVID-19 pandemic.