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Since 2019, ISAR Ednannia is a strategic partner of the European Union. In 2021 Ednannia implemented the project EU4Civil Society Sustainability in Ukraine, within the European Union program Strategic Partnerships for Capacity Development of Civil Society Organisations in the Eastern Partnership.

Our goal in this project is to strengthen the resilience of civic and charitable organizations to challenges and emergencies, to help overcome possible negative impacts, and to ensure the continuous implementation of their missions.

What happened in 2021 in the framework of the project EU4Civil Society Sustainability in Ukraine?

1. Grant support for civil society organizations

●  ISAR Ednannia provided support that was particularly relevant in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, by offering Core support grants for organizations that became hostages to the crisis and were affected by it, but had a vision how to hold on to their own position, remain focused, receive additional capacities and increase their influence in the sphere of their activity, despite the unpredictable environment. 8 SCOs received the general support. These were organizations that were increasing their influence, in particular, in advocating for children's rights, advocating and creating infrastructure to increase the accessibility of spaces for people with disabilities, promoting services for the created amalgamated territorial communities helping to develop local democracy, and so on;

●  25 CSOs received Emergency Support grants, which allowed them to strengthen their capacity to continue working despite the challenges and to provide services to more than 20,000 people - their beneficiaries (people with disabilities, children, women survivors of violence, representatives of local communities, parents of newborns, parents with prematurely born children, the elderly, patients – i.e., groups of population in local communities that are most vulnerable to the pandemic);

●  10 CSOs raised funds for the implementation of the ideas of their projects in their communities and received additional financing (Matching Grants) for the realization of the projects aiming to solve the problems that their communities are facing.

2.   NGO.Studio continued its work within the framework of the project. This is a media platform for the discussion of topics of interest to civil society, the exchange of ideas, experiences, and knowledge.

 56 media products were produced (lectures, seminars, webinars of providers of organizational development services, interviews with leaders of CSOs, and current news in the sector)

 130 000 media coverage

  NGO.Studio helped to demonstrate the achievements of various teams of organizations and civil society activists, their progress despite obstacles, and examples of their mobilization and resilience despite the conditions of the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic.


  3.   2 online tools were launched for the development of the organization's strategy and fundraising strategy. In the conditions of restrictions on movement and organization of the offline events, opened the possibility for organizations to work independently on the development of their strategy. This also became a tool for organizing the remote work of the provider with CSOs on the development of their strategy.